1.- Identity of the responsible Company.

ROSARITO INN, S. DE R. L. DE C. V., its affiliated and subsidiary companies (hereinafter ROSARITO INN), domiciled at Boulevard Benito Juarez 907, Suite 24 in Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, is a lodging and leasing company for national and international tourists that abides by the Mexican laws concerning our client’s and personnel’s privacy. Our responsible party for the Protection of Data is the Administration Department headed by Diva Elizabeth Vela Varela located at the same domicile, and our email is

This Privacy Notice corresponds to the following web websites belonging to Rosarito Inn:

2.- Concerning you personal data. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, Rosarito Inn can get your personal data in several ways:

--when you give us the information personally;

--when you visit our websites;

--when you use our online services, and;

--when we obtain information from sources other than those mentioned above, allowed by Mexican Legislation.

Any personal data we can receive from the above mentioned sources are:

a.- Personal identification information: name(s), surname(s), domicile, home phone number, cell and/or work phone number, marital status, signature, email, age, gender, nationality, signature, occupation or video including it.
b.- Financial information: cardholder’s name, credit card number, expiration date (in case of online operations), collection domicile related to your credit/debit card.
c.- Invoicing information: Name or commercial name, tax registration number, fiscal domicile and CURP.
d.- Electronic deposit information related to your room, required services or reason for your trip.

3.- About your sensitive personal data. We consider sensitive personal data, that personal information that could affect your privacy that if improperly used, they could cause discrimination or are a serious threat to your personal safety. We consider that the most sensitive information is the one containing racial or ethnic information, health conditions (present and future), genetic information, religious, philosophical or moral information, work union affiliation, political opinions or sexual preferences. Should you stay at any of our properties or rent any of our commercial spaces, room or houses, any sensitive personal information you decide to give us could be those related to your health, your different abilities or those of somebody under your care. This information would only be used to offer you a better service and make sure we can satisfy your specific needs.

4.- Handling and purpose of any personal information. Purposes that create the legal relationship and are necessary for the provision of services:

a.- Any personal information you give us would be used by Rosarito Inn to provide the services you request, or related to your purchase; reservations, events and social activities organizations, or the purchase of tourist related services.
b.- In order to grant you access to our facilities, and inform our internal control and security personnel of access to rooms.
c.- For identification, filing and tax payment purposes related with said relationship, or reports required by the authorities according to Mexican legislation; current status of your credit card or economic solvency.
d.- Rosarito Inn could use the personal information you give us to provide a better service and in all case, to identify your preferences whilst you are with us, in order to offer the very best possible comfort.
--Purposes that do not create a legal relationship, and are not necessary for the performance of our services:

--This kind of information that is not necessary for the legal relationship, Rosarito Inn can use it to offer you special promotions, tourist and commercial products, special services, information bulletins, polls, whether in person, by mail or by email.

5.- Exercising your Arco rights; this means, Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition. Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition, concerning the information you give Rosarito Inn, stipulated by the Federal Personal Data Information held by Third Parties Protection Law, can be done with an application addressed to Rosarito Inn according to the following item.

6.- Limitations for the Use and Disclosure of Personal Information: At any given you moment you can advise of your denial for the handling of any information that does not originate a legal relationship or is not necessary for the performance of our services, or also the revoking of your agreement for our handling of your personal data with a written request to our Administration Department, addressed to Diva Elizabeth Vela Varela, at the following domicile: Boulevard Benito Juarez 907, Suite 24 in Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, from 09:00 to 14:00 hours, Monday to Saturday, or to the following email:

Said request must contain at least the following:
a.- Name of the owner of the personal data.
b.- Email where you can be notified.
c.- Documents proving your identification or the legal representation you have for the owner of the data.
d.- Clear and precise data of the personal information that you want to retrieve or limit.
e.- Any other element or document that will facilitate the identification of the personal data.

If the request does not satisfy one or more of the above mentioned requirements, the Administration can request in no more than 5 (five) days after receiving it, the necessary information or documents to process it. You will have 10 (10) days to answer our request and should you not do it within the stipulated term, the submitted request would be considered as having been filed.

The terms for an answer will be no more than 20 (twenty) days form then original date when the request was received, to answer you with our decision whether it is or not valid. If valid, the actions concerning our answer will be implemented in no more than 15 (fifteen) days after our answer. With the purpose of protecting your confidentiality, Rosarito Inn would send any answers to the email you appointed and will keep it at the disposition of the requesting party at our domicile mentioned above.

7.- Control and safety of personal information. Rosarito Inn hereby acquires and accepts the obligation to adopt and maintain the necessary measures to protect any information it receives using safety technologies and control procedures to restrict access, use or disclosure of your personal information without authorization. For example, all personal information we receive will be kept at electronic servers located at places with limited access. For any online operations we will also use safety technology that protects personal information we receive.

It should be mentioned that no safety or data transfer systems that are not controlled by Rosarito Inn, and or depend from the internet, can be guaranteed to be 100% safe. However, Rosarito inn will try at all times having the most updated technology for your safety.

8.- Changes to this Privacy Notice. Rosarito Inn could at any moment update this Privacy Notice. Should there be important changes to this Privacy Notice, we would inform you through our internet pages mentioned in the second paragraph of Item 1, above.

Because of all of the above we hereby suggest you to visit periodically this Privacy Notice to be informed of any update.

Date of last update: October 22, 2013